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Core Aeration​

Our core aeration process, will employ an aeration machine with hollow tines that pull up plugs of the thatch layer and topsoil, literally giving your lawn’s root system more breathing room and the ability to accept water and nutrients.  


After aeration, over-seeding take place. When we mow our lawns every week, we take off the seed heads, never allowing the grass to grow new plans. Reseeding in this manner, allow new plants to grow and develop Establishing a new thick lawn surface.   

Our overseed machine slices a 1″ gap, and drops the​ seed below the surface. 


Thurston County’s Division of Storm Waste Water recommends using organic fertilizers on our lawns to help eliminate excessive building up of toxic materials in our systems and lakes, and in the Puguet Sound…

Billy Goat Organics exclusively uses organic fertilizers that have been rigorously tested for performance and durability.  Our products will last up to 9 weeks for a complete timed and slow release of their nutrients… 

Safe for Children

Safe for Pets 

Thatching, Moss and Disease Assessment

Can be made by appointment. Please call our office to schedule. 

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